Disablity/Handicap - ADA Coverage History Impairment & Perceived Impairment

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) offers protection to individuals who do not have current/active  impairment but have had a history or previous record of impairment.  It also offer some protection to those who are perceived as having such impairment.  This is explained in more detail below.  More about the ADA

History/Record of Such an Impairment

This provision protects a person who had a prior impairment. For example, it would protect a person who had a history of cancer, but whose cancer was now in remission. The ADA would prohibit an employer from discriminating against this person because of his or her history of cancer.

Is Regarded as Having Such an Impairment/ Percieved Impairment

Sometimes, a person may be covered even if he or she has no impairment or has a minor impairment. This occurs when the employer acts based on myths, fears, or stereotypes about a person's medical condition. For example, an employer may not terminate an employee based on a rumor that he or she has AIDS.

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