How much will I win if I settle or go to trial?

The value of each case is different and depends on the type of discrimination suffered, lost pay and benefits, the length of time that the Plaintiff endured discrimination or harassment, the severity of the discriminatory conduct, and the employer’s response to Plaintiff’s complaints of discrimination and harassment. The value of a case requires a detailed summation of all losses incurred by the employee such as: lost pay, lost overtime pay, lost benefits, job search expenses, COBRA payments made due to loss of work, medical bills, judgments entered against employee as a result of inability to pay bills, and raises lost due to loss of employment.  In determining the amount of mental anguish damages to request, it is important to determine to what extent that the employee sought psychological counseling or treatment and the length of such. In addition to the damages identified above, a Plaintiff may request punitive damages in federal court against an employer who acted recklessly and with malice.

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