Will my case settle or will it go all the way to trial?

The vast majority of cases settle sometime before trial. Some even settle after trial.  Whether a case settles is generally dependent on how realistic each side evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of its case.  Settlements are reached more often when both sides make a full and frank assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the case.  The cases that do not settle result mostly from a disagreement or misunderstanding of the strength or weaknesses of their case or their opponent’s case. Most cases will settle if both sides evaluate the case dispassionately and objectively.  Whether a case settles also depends on how much the Plaintiff is seeking. The larger the sum, the lengthier the negotiations will likely be.  Settlements generally leave each side somewhat dissatisfied because neither side typically gets what they want.  Instead, each side compromises and leaves with less than a total victory over their opponent.  If the case goes to trial, one side wins and the other side loses.  Our law firm prepares each case as though it is going to trial. 

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