EB-2 - Advanced Degrees and Exceptional Ability

Second Employment Based Preference/Advanced Degree Professionals or  Exceptional Ability Aliens (EB-2 Category) - Qualifications, Requirements and Application Procedure

Advanced degree (more than a Bachelor's degree) holders and workers who because of their exceptional ability in the sciences, arts or business will substantially benefit prospectively the national economy, cultural or educational interests, or welfare of the United States. Here, no labor certification is required if national interest is demonstrated. Otherwise, a labor certification and job offer are required.

The EB-2 classification is available for professionals holding a Master's degree. In appropriate instances, it may be used for Bachelors degree holders who have also acquired at least 5-years of post-graduation work experience in the relevant field. Applicants for the EB-2 status must also demonstrate that the position at issue requires such extensive education and/or experience through the specific duties of the position. The USCIS has issued a detailed memorandum on the educational and experience requirement for the EB-2 classification.