Citizenship/Naturalization Application For Aliens Unlawfully Registering or Voting Unlawfully

As a result of recent inquiries, we are reissuing the USCIS guidance on the process for handling applications for U.S. citizenship/naturalization for aliens who unlawfully voted, falsely represented themselves as U.S. citizens or improperly registered to vote by making false representations of citizenship.

These guidelines provide a framework for USCIS officers to use when confronted with such cases. It details the considerations to be followed by officers in processing those petitions. It also discusses when such applicants merit prosecutorial discretion and how good moral character is evaluated. It directs adjudicating officers to engage in a detailed consideration of the totality of the circumstances to determine the citizenship application should be approved or denied even where such a violation is present.

[Read The USCIS Guidance on Processing Alien Naturalization For Unlawful Voters]