More Law.com,Oct. 20, 2000

Our law firm was referenced in connection with a jury trial and the award to the firm's client in a case of harassment and discrimination based on Title VII. Plaintiff, a native of the Dominican Republic, alleged that his boss badgered him with racial slurs every day. He claimed that his boss used epithets to refer to this dark skin color and heritage three or four times a day and sometimes made them on the public address system. He further claimed that managers took no action and denied him overtime and promotions.

Jury verdict for Plaintiff awarding him $3,000,000 in punitive damages; $450,000 for emotional pain, $450,000 for loss of enjoyment of life, $100,000 for pay differential or loss of pay raises. Mr. Asonye tried this case in federal court with attorney Jack Epstein of Chicago, Illinois.