Sexual Harassment Assault Client Wins Summary Judgment and Legal Fees

United States District Court Illinois Northern District, Eastern Division December 2010

December 2010-The firm received an order from the Honorable Judge granting our client victory on summary judgment on her assault and battery claims in federal district court. Our client sued an employer in the restaurant industry and others in the U.S. District Court for assault and sexual harassment. During his deposition, the corporate general manager, who is also a Defendant, admitted that he kissed our client and made certain other sexual comments directed at her. He claimed however, that the kiss and sexually charged comments were made in a benign context. Based on these admissions, our law firm brought a motion for summary judgment, arguing that judgment should be entered against the defendant for the assault and battery. We argued that the judge should rule on it without a trial because Defendant's liability was clear cut on the assault and battery claims. The Honorable Judge agreed.

In his order, he ruled that the corporate general manager's admitted conduct amounts to assault and battery against our client. The Court then went on to enter judgment on against the Defendant, entitling our client to damages at a later hearing. The court also awarded her legal fees for defendant's counsel's failure to respond to requests to admit in a timely manner. The sexual harassment case will be set for trial at a later date.

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